Farewell to New Zealand

We were coming to the end of our stay in New Zealand. We travelled Highway One from Kaikoura to Kaiapoi and we idly watched the fishermen at Pegasus Bay with the cormorants hovering close by on the shore looking for pickings.

Pegasus Bay

We passed a night at a very ordinary motel, our main objective being to repack our belongings so that they were in acceptable flight form. This meant abandoning a few supplies. I am sure the cleaner was delighted to have several cans of cider and a tin of soup.

Then we were on our way to Christchurch airport and had to say a fond farewell to our Toyota Yaris before boarding our flight to Auckland.

Flying over the Canterbury Plains

A couple of hours later we were retrieving luggage and finding a hotel shuttle bus. We were hot and bothered when we got to The Pioneer Motor Lodge (without a motor) and most pleased to enjoy their friendly welcome and air conditioning. A walk round the neighbourhood revealed few shops and eating places. The recent flood damage had caused restaurants to close their doors, and mud and branches were strewn all over the shore.

The next day we travelled by bus into Auckland Central Business District and had our flat whites at the top of the sky tower.

Enjoying the view!

We bumped into any number of friendly strangers who wanted to know what I had done to my arm, and one Kiwi tried to persuade me to have a go on the sky slide (well, OK, he was joking – I think). We passed an interesting time at the Maritime Museum, finishing our day out with ice cream at the Wharf.


Farewell to New Zealand.

Hello Sydney!



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