The Blue Pub

New Zealand is often associated with hobbits, sunshine and snow capped mountains. Even the orcs rarely go out in drizzle (although driving rain is another matter altogether). Hubby was rained-off work at the weekend. Once we had planned a future adventure and drunk a few cups of coffee we felt the onset of cabin fever. We bravely attempted a walk to Methven to buy bread, but were forced to retreat due to cold rain on Hubby’s shorts clad legs. The Impatiens plant looked happy though.

By the evening the rain had stopped sufficiently for us to go hunting for our supper. We walked to The Blue Pub, noting the sign on the door which ordered work boots to be removed on entry. Luckily we had not been at work and no one seemed to object to the memory foam, so we ordered cider and burgers and climbed up onto high stools to enjoy the ambiance. The bar(n) was high roofed with several TVs in the rafters showing cricket and tennis. The music playing was just enough to induce a gentle bottom bounce. The woman on the table next to us was doing a much more active bounce. She had been temporarily abandoned by her partner, but she had brought Grandad along on her smart phone. So no worries. Grandad joined in merrily as she swung him round to view the company and he enjoyed a little sit against a beer glass.

Best to treat Bulmers cider with caution if you are not used to drinking it by the pint. By the time I had eaten the burger and downed the cider I was in serious danger of falling off the high stool and sliding across the shiny wooden floor. I made it safely, only to have to then negotiate Four Square supermarket to buy bread. The aisles swam in front of my eyes, but luckily Hubby took charge of the purchases which were placed thoughtfully in a little box by the packer, and we went home to enjoy Saturday evening on Netflix.

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